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com.motion specializes in consumer PR, social media and influencer marketing, with a focus on luxury lifestyle consumer brands
and health & wellness. com.motion offers an integrated approach to cultivating fresh, creative and thoughtful campaigns. The
enthusiastic team has an unparalleled desire for achieving results with a purpose – directly impacting your bottom line.

The team is comprised of travelers, foodies, trendsetters and tastemakers who live and breathe these industries, personally
and professionally. com.motion is made up of specialists, not generalists.

Above all else, com.motion, part of MDC Partners (, exists to converge traditional public relations
with social media, providing clients with a nimble, but sophisticated ‘tradigital’ service model.

Employing new and social media tools to advance traditional public relations goals, the principal advantage of com.motion
is its proven ability to identify the most influential circles and harness their credibility to influence brand preference.

Let us help you break through an increasingly cluttered marketplace and cause a com.motion.